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TRUE CINNAMON – Ceylon cinnamon is also called real, sweet or good cinnamon. It is produced in Sri Lanka from the plant called Cinnamomum Zeylanicum. The taste is milder, sweeter and more delicate than Cassia Cinnamon.

100% CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC - This seal is your best assurance of organic quality. Growers and manufacturers of organic products bearing the USDA seal have to meet the strictest standards of any of the currently available organic labels

NON-GMO - Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. All our ingredients are grown naturally organically and non-gmo. We only use certified non-gmo ingredients.

NON-IRRADIATED - Some spices undergo a process of ionizing radiation to increase shelf life. We never irradiate any of our products

MANY USES - Add to tea, coffee, sprinkle on fruit (especially Apple, citrus orange, tangerines and watermelon) make healthy smoothies and delicious treats.

LOW IN COMAURIN – Coumarin is a natural plant compound found in Cassia Cinnamon (Chinese Cinnamon) and in high doses may be harmful to your liver. Ceylon cinnamon however has extremely low levels of Comaurin making it the ideal choice for you health.

HEALTHY SUPERFOOD - Ceylon Cinnamon healthy and delicious so sprinkle it on all your favorite fruits for a delicious treat

DELICIOUS TASTE – Our Ceylon Cinnamon is sweet and slightly spicy, subtle yet rich with a bit of a bite. The taste is milder, sweeter and more delicate than Cassia Cinnamon. Guaranteed to be the best Ceylon Cinnamon you’ve ever tasted!